Would you please explain what curry is and the difference between the red, yellow and green ones?

Hey HomeChef12,

A curry is a very general name. So many people ask me, "How do you make a curry?" It's like saying, "How do you make a sandwich?", or rather "How do you make a pasta?" Curry really just means a gravy or sauce. And when it comes to red, yellow, and green there's really nothing fancy about it. It's strictly describing the color. In Indian cooking, the colors of the curry are labeled red, yellow, and green because the color comes from the ingredients. (I think this goes for Thai food as well, but I could be wrong. If you are Thai, your disputes are more than welcome.) Most of the time, the green comes from ingredients like cilantro, chilies, or mint. The red could come from tomatoes, red chili powder, or even tamarind. Yellow could be from the use of turmeric. When you see a recipe that reads "green curry" Interpret it as a “green gravy” or “green sauce”. See, it's like titling recipes for idiots. Green curry, yellow curry, red curry. It's just the color.

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